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I recently picked up 2 gorgeous pieces of from Rifle Paper Co. and spent weeks deciding on what to make. This gold print, is called City Toile (Navy) and is part of their everyday cotton lawn fabric line. Cotton Lawn fabric is a lightweight and soft cotton fabric that is perfect to make shirts, dresses, quilts and more.

After weeks of thinking about what I should create with this fabric, I decided to make a scalloped tank top. This layered tank top is inspired by one that I found at Anthropologie. Both options are perfect for anytime of the year as you can layer cardigans and jackets over the tank top in colder months.

First, you’ll want to create and cut out your pattern pieces. If you’re not sure how to do this, read my blog post on how you can make your own sewing patterns from your own clothing.

diy scalloped shirt

Scalloped Shirt Inspiration
Details: Blouse made my me (Inspired by this Anthropologie shirt)

For this DIY Scalloped Shirt, You’ll Need:

  • Fabric 1: Top Layer
    • 1 Shorter Bodice Back Piece (cut on a folded edge
    • 1 Shorter Bodice Front Piece (cut on a folded edge)
  • Fabric 2: Bottom Layer
    • 1 Longer Bodice Back Piece (cut on a folded edge)
    • 1 Longer Bodice Front Piece (cut on a folded edge)
  • Scissors
  • Hem Tape
  • Kraft paper or pattern paper
  • Cup or item to trace out the scalloped edges
  • Chalk or a fabric marker

diy scalloped shirt tutorial

Steps to Create Your Scalloped Shirt

  • Step 1: Cut out your four bodices pieces. Since we’ll be layering these pieces, you’ll want to cut the top bodice piece about 3 inches shorter than the bottom piece.
  • Step 2: Take the top layer of your bodice front piece and pin it to the bodice back piece with right sides facing together.
  • Step 3: Baste stitch the shoulder and the sides of the top.

Tips on How to Make Patterns from Scratch

When I’m making my patterns from scratch, I like to try on the articles of clothing and/or use my dress form to make sure they fit the way that I want them to before I make a final stitch.

  • Step 4: Once you determine the way you’d like the top to fit, sew the sides of the top together.
  • Step 5: Next, prep the top to be scalloped. Before you begin, you’ll want to create a template and mark the material where you’d like the scallops with chalk or a fabric marker.

How to Scallop Fabric

You can create a uniformed scalloped pattern my making a template with any circular household. i.e. can, cup or a lid.

Tip: It’s better to have longer obtuse angles rather than smaller acute angles. This helps to create a cleaner scalloped look. For this step I used a mug and taped where I wanted my pattern to be on the mug so each of the scallops were the same.

  • Step 6: Sew the scalloped edge along the line you created and cut the excess fabric.
  • Step 7: Flip the scalloped edges to the right side and iron them. Once they are ironed, you’ll want to sew a seam along the side seam of the shirt.
  • Step 8: Use the hem tape or create a blind stitch to secure the excess fabric from the top of the scallop. Both of these options will not show a major seam on the front of the top.
  • Step 9: Repeat steps 2 – 8 for the bottom bodice piece of the shirt, making sure that this piece is longer than the top so it will show when you sew them together.
  • Step 10: Remove the baste stitch from the shoulder of both to the tops and pin together. Next, sew the two pieces together.
  • Step 11: Next sew the neckline together, making sure that the right sides of the fabric are together. I added a stitch along the stitch line of the neckline to help these two pieces of material lay flat when the shirt is completed.
  • Step 12: Fold the fabric of the arm holes in and sew along the edges to create the final seam, and you’re done!

how to sew scalloped edge shirt

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