Why buy clip-in hair extensions? Are there any benefits? | Seamlined Livng

What Are Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions allow you to quickly transform your hair to look thicker and longer. Unlike extensions that are sewn in, these hair extensions are clipped into your hair and can transform your look in minutes. They can also be removed just as easily and quickly.

There are two main options of clip-in hair extensions on the market – ones that are made with synthetic hair and ones that are made with remy hair. Remy hair is the best and preferred hair extension option for a couple of reasons. It is the most natural looking hair, since it is the highest grade of real hair, and remy hair can be easily styled and can be washed like your own hair. This option is the preferred choice for hair extensions, hairpieces, and wigs on the market.

Why Did I Want to Buy Hair Extensions?

I never thought I would buy hair extensions. My hair has always been pretty thick, and even when I would braid my hair I never felt like I needed more volume. That changed when I had a baby and, as expected (because people warned me) my hair started to fall out around 5-6 months postpartum.

During my pregnancy, I felt like I lost the same amount of hair as I normally did so I was not sure what to expect postpartum and let me tell you … the hair loss is real. My hair loss came right around the time that I wanted to start to take a little bit more time for myself, so I could feel “normal” or “me” again. For me, taking an extra couple of minutes to get ready in the morning was a good start, as I’ve always loved to use my hair as a creative outlet. Thankfully, I had a lot of hair to begin with so styling it normally looked absolutely fine, but when I braided it, it didn’t look the same. I was also starting to think about blogging or vlogging and many who already do this use hair extensions to create more dramatic and detailed braids.

The postpartum hair loss made my endeavor slightly more challenging since my hair wasn’t as full. I wanted to take some time and research options on the market since both the DIY option and the pre-made options weren’t very cheap. After researching options – both DIY and buying hair extensions pre-made, I came across Luxy Hair Extensions. Once I was done reading blog posts, looking at before and after photos and watching many YouTube videos, I decided to go ahead and buy my first set of Luxy Hair Extensions.

Why Did I Choose Luxy Hair Extensions?

Why buy clip-in hair extensions? Are there any benefits? | Seamlined Livng
Why buy clip-in hair extensions? Are there any benefits? | Seamlined Livng

I chose Luxy Hair extensions for a number of reasons; the first being that they are made with 100% real remy hair, and this was important to me. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to invest my money in hair extensions, that they would be quality extensions and would last if I take care of them. Remy hair extensions can last a year or longer if you store them and clean them properly.

During my research, I learned that the founders, Mimi and Leyla, started Luxy Hair after being disappointed with the quality of other hair extensions on the market. They wanted to provide quality hair extensions they could stand behind, and this really drew me to the company. I also found a number of positive reviews and tutorials, so I decided to give them a try.

Details on My Classic Luxy Hair Extensions

(I purchased my classic Luxy hair extensions before they came out with their seamless collection. )

  • Hair Extension Quality: 100% Remy Hair
  • Hair Extension Color: Chestnut Brown
  • Hair Extension Weight: 160 grams (best for normal hair)
  • Hair Extension Length: 20 inches
  • Total Pieces: 10 total (1×8″, 1×7″, 2×6″, 2×4″, 4×1″)
  • Color Capabilities: Luxy Hair is made with multi-tone adapt coloring system. This allows you to color your hair extensions so they can seamlessly blend into your hair. If you decide to do this, I recommend that you purchase a lighter hair extension set. There will be less damage to your extensions if you add color instead of bleaching or lightening the set. I also recommend taking your extensions to a professional so they can color it.

Below is my first before and after photo of my extensions. I apologize for the quality of these photos, as I didn’t think I would be sharing these online. These photos were taken right after I received my extensions and before I cut them to my hair length.
Why buy clip-in hair extensions? Are there any benefits? | Seamlined Livng

Would I Buy Luxy Hair Extensions Again?

Absolutely. I do not wear my hair extensions every day, but I enjoy wearing them when I do. They are lightweight and are easy to clip in and style with my hair on an everyday basis or when I want to braid my hair or create an updo for a special event. The next time I purchase hair extensions from Luxy hair, I may splurge and get the seamless collection!

What do you think? Are you in the market for hair extensions and/or have you tried other brands? Let me know in the comments below!

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