Learn How to Make a Romper with this Free Sewing Pattern | Seamlined Living

I want to start out by thanking my Instagram followers for voting for me to make a romper! A couple of weeks ago, I polled my Instagram followers and asked if they thought I should make a dress or a romper, and 67% voted romper! So, a romper is what I made.

This is the first full length romper I would make and also the first I’d own. Before I began this project (and took the poll), I searched online for inspiration for my new romper. I found many that I liked, but I fell in love with this romper from Anthropologie. It was simple, yet had many subtle details that made for an absolutely stunning look. (I.e. the simple and small ruffled sleeves and open back design.)

Learn How to Make a Romper with this Free Sewing Pattern | Seamlined Living
Learn How to Make a Romper with this Free Sewing Pattern | Seamlined Living

Here’s What You’ll Need to Create this DIY Romper:

  • 2 – 3 yards of lightweight fabric (I used Viscose, but you can also use Rayon or another lightweight fabric)
  • 20-22” invisible zipper
  • Matching thread

The fabric that I selected comes from Fabric.com and is a 100% viscose, which is extremely flowy and is a lightweight, rayon poplin fabric. The diamond red/coral print has a beautiful, light design. However, because the fabric is slightly thin, I needed to add a liner to my romper. If you’re new to sewing, I’d recommend picking a fabric that does not require a lining. In fact, if I were to sew this romper again, I would follow my own advice!

Learn How to Make a Romper with this Free Sewing Pattern | Seamlined Living

First, I sketched out my design. Then, began to draw all of the pieces I would need to cut out to make my creation come to life. Below is my sketch of the 9 different pattern pieces I used to make my romper. The measurements included are for a size small. If you’d like to learn how I create my own patterns, you can read my blog post here.

Learn How to Make a Romper with this Free Sewing Pattern | Seamlined Living

How to Sew a Romper

  • Step 1: Measure and cut out your pattern on kraft or pattern paper making adjustments to the measurements based on your height and body shape.
  • Step 2: Cut out all the pattern pieces. Cut 1 of each except for the patterns below:
    • Pattern piece #1 needs to be cut on the fold
    • Cut 2 of pattern pieces #7 and 8
    • Cut out 4 of pattern pieces #4 and #9 (optional)
  • Step 3: Start by hemming the neckline, which includes your bodice front (#1) and pattern #5
  • Step 4: Sew 3 baste stitches along the top of pattern piece 6 and gently pull the thread so that the fabric gathers. The 3 stitches helps to create a more uniformed ruffle along the back of the pattern
  • Step 5: Once the ruffle has been created, pin the ruffled edge to the bottom of pattern piece #5 and sew the two together. You’ll want to make sure that #6 is the same length as #5 once the fabric has been gathered.
    Step 6: Next, you’ll want to hem the raw edge of the #6
    Step 7: Hem the top of bodice #2 and #3 before you pin them together. Once they are hemmed, you’ll want to lay bodice back #2 on top of bodice back #3, with the fabric side up.
  • Step 8: Place #5 on top of your two bodice back pieces with the fabric side up and sew a baste stitch at the top
  • Step 9: Lay your bodice front #1, fabric side down and right fabric sides together, on top of the back bodice pieces and sew the top of the pieces together (shoulder area). Now, the majority of your bodice pieces are sewn together.
  • Step 10: One side of the bodice will be sewn and the other side will have an invisible zipper. This part of the project can wait until you have the pants attached.
  • Step 11: To finish off the bodice, we’ll need to attach the sleeves, pieces #4. The sleeves on this romper are 4 separate pieces to give the top of outfit a more flowy look. Before I attached this to the romper, I hemmed the top of the sleeve and the outside curve of the sleeve. Next, you’ll want to add 3 baste stitches to the straight side of the sleeves and gather before you pin to the romper. Once you’ve gathered the sleeves you’ll want to pin and sew each piece to the romper. As you sew on the sleeves you’ll want to hem the rest of the armpit.
  • Step 12: The pockets for the romper are optional. I added them to my romper, but depending on the fabric and the style you’re looking for, you may want to skip this step. If you do want to add them, you should pin them to your bodice before you sew the pant legs together
  • Step 13: Pin #7 together, fabric sides together and hem the outside seam and the interior seam until the fabric begins to curve. Repeat this same process with fabric pattern #8.
  • Step 14: Once #7 and #8 are sewn together, pin the last of the interior pieces of fabric together (right sides together) leaving one side slightly unsewn, so you can add the zipper.
  • Step 15: Pin the right side of the fabric of the bodice and pant legs together and sew these two pieces together.
  • Step 16: Next, pin your invisible zipper to the side of the romper and sew it to the garment.
  • Step 17: Final step – hem the bottom of the pants on the romper and you’re finished!

Are you planning on making a romper of your own? The pattern does have a lot of steps, but it really doesn’t take that long once you get going. The most time-consuming part for me was adding the lining, but I left that out of the tutorial because, once again, I’d highly recommend choosing a fabric that doesn’t need it. Let me know if you have any questions about this pattern!

Learn How to Make a Romper with this Free Sewing Pattern | Seamlined Living

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