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As you may have noticed from the photos, our tree is very tall! This is our 4th Christmas in our home and it has been our tradition to get a Christmas tree from a local tree farm. And thus far, this has become my favorite family Christmas tradition with our friends. So much so that we plan out our Christmas tree day excursion months ahead of time so we can all get it on our calendars! (So fun!)

Even though this was the 4th year we purchased a real Christmas tree for our home, this was the first year I made a DIY tree skirt … I know, I’m a little shocked too! (The first 3 years, my tree skirt was my DIY option #2 below.)

For the past three years I started the Christmas season with the goal to make a tree skirt, but I’ve never taken the time to make one. Below I walk through two easy no-sew tree skirts and that can be a last minute addition to your holiday decor. The first option will take 1-2 hours and the second option will take about 10 minutes.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern/Option #1

No Sew Tree Skirt Supplies:

DIY Tree Skirt Supplies | Learn How to make an Easy, No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

  • Fabric for the top of the tree skirt (1.5 yards). I purchased my Michael Miller Nutcracker Fabric from Fabric.com
  • Fabric for the bottom of the tree skirt (1.5 yards) – Optional
  • 3 yards double sided interfacing – Optional
  • Fabric glue (I recommend Fabri-Tac)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler
  • Chalk
  • 4 yards of trim

Steps to Create a DIY Tree Skirt

  • Step 1: First cut your fabric into a 44 x 44 inch square. To make an exact square, fold your fabric into a rectangle and in half again. Before you cut the excess fabric, measure your fabric and mark where to cut the fabric to make your square.
    • Tip: When you purchase your tree skirt fabric, make sure you check the width on the fabric. The standard width size for most fabrics is around 42-44 inches, but some may be as wide as 56”. This is important to note as you’ll want to make sure you purchase the same amount of fabric to match the width. i.e. 1.25 or 1.5 yards of fabric will allow you to make a 44 inch square for your tree skirt
  • Step 2: Once the fabric has been cut into a square, keep your fabric folded and cut your square into a big circle. (Before I cut my circle, I used chalk to draw the outline of where I wanted to cut my fabric.)
  • Step 3: Next you’ll want to\ make the small middle circle that will go around the tree trunk. Leave the fabric folded so you can trace and cut the half circle on the fold of your fabric. If you’re using an artificial tree, you can keep your tree circle smaller (approx. 2-3 inches from the fold.) Since my tree trunk is larger, I continued to measure and cut to make sure the skirt layed how I wanted it to look.

diy tree skirt

  • Step 4: With the fabric still folded, you’ll want to make one cut from the opening of the small hole to the outer edge of your tree skirt. This opening will allow you to place your Christmas tree skirt under the tree.

tree skirt diy

  • Step 5: If you have decided to add fabric under your tree skirt, you’ll want to repeat steps 1-4 for this fabric and cut out the interfacing to match the tree skirt pattern. If you decide to skip this step, you can move onto step 7.

diy tree skirt project

  • Step 6: Once all fabric and interfacing has been cut, place the two-sided fusible stabilizer or interfacing between the wrong sides of your fabric. Next, iron the material according to the instructions given to you when you purchased the interfacing material.
  • Step 7: Now that the pieces of fabric are fused together, trim any excess fabric/interfacing and glue on the trim around the edge of your Christmas tree skirt. And just like that, you’re done!

no sew tree skirt

This Christmas tree skirt is very easy and will only take about an hour or two to make! If you want to make this project the quickest way possible, you can by adding the additional fabric and interfacing to the skirt.

Christmas Tree Skirt Option #2

How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt - 2 Easy and Quick DIY Tree Skirt Projects | Seamlined Living
Option 2 for your DIY Christmas tree skirt only requires about 10 minutes of your time. All you will need to do is to lay beautiful fabric or a blanket scarf under the tree. This is a quick way to add or depth to your Christmas tree decorations. Here’s an example with this stunning Cotton + Steel Jubilee Metallic Confetti Fabric I purchased from fabric.com.

No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt - DIY Christmas Project | Seamlined Living
To create this look, all you’ll need is approximately 2 yards of fabric or 2 blanket scarfs (depending on the size of your tree). Once you have your fabric, lay it down under the tree and arrange it the way you like and voila – you’re done! This is a great last minute alternative and will allow you to have a beautiful tree skirt in no time!

No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt - 2 Easy and Quick DIY Tree Skirt Projects | Seamlined Living

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