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I love a good deal, especially when I can purchase makeup items from brands that I love. Tarte Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands. I’ve grown to love their concealer, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner and blush. Their formula is consistent, creamy and stays put all day!

The only blush that I owned from them, prior to the blush book, was one I received as my birthday gift from Sephora. It quickly became a staple in my everyday look and has left me wanting more blushes from Tarte!

2017 Tarte Holiday Blush Options

In 2017, Tarte came out with four different blush options in their holiday collection. I have listed them all below. All were available on throughout the holiday season:

Tarte Big Blush Book Volume III: $60 (232 value)

Tarte Big Blush Book Volume III
This blush book came with seven full-sized amazonian clay 12-hours blushes and a universal highlighter. The packaging is made out of a paper/foam material that is not ideal for travel or everyday use. Each of the blushes can be easily removed from the original packaging.

  • Heated (hot coral)
  • Lavish (coral)
  • Poised (pink)
  • Mindful (nude pink)
  • Peachy (peach)
  • Rad (hot pink)
  • Kindred (cool nude)
  • Spirited (champagne highlight)

Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bliss Palette – $39 ($116 value) Ulta and Exclusive

Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bliss Palette

This blush palette came with blushes in a rectangular case, which is compact and slim enough for travel.

  • Genuine (pinky apricot)
  • Breathtaking (soft rose pink)
  • Graceful (shimmering pink coral)
  • Loveable (pink melon)

Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bazaar Amazonian Clay Blush Palette: $44 ($150 value) – Sephora and Exclusive

Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bazaar Amazonian Clay Blush Palette
This blush book came with 10 deluxe sample sizes of blush and highlighting shades. This set was small and compact, making it easy for travel.

  • Whimsical (shimmery gold)
  • Angelic (peachy pink)
  • Fortunate (pink melon)
  • Skillful (pink berry)
  • Exhilarating (fuchsia)
  • Authentic (plummy rose)
  • Endless (pink raspberry)
  • Dainty (melon)
  • Extraordinary (shimmering coral)
  • Worthy (soft pink highlight)

Tarte Limited-Edition Cheek Charmers Deluxe Blush Set: $35 ($75 value) – Macy’s and Exclusive

Tarte Limited-Edition Cheek Charmers Deluxe Blush Set
This blush set comes with 12-hour blushes in mini, travel-sized compacts

    • Journey (soft pink)
    • Flair (deep pink rose)
    • Majesty (grapefruit)
    • Traveled (nude apricot)
    • Splendor (fuchsia)

Originally, I wanted the Limited-Edition Blush Bazaar Amazonian Clay Blush Palette. I was drawn to the packaging and liked that I would receive a number of mini blushes with my purchase. Tarte blushes are known for their lasting power. This mini blush book would have provided me with many blush looks throughout the year. However, I picked up the big blush book as a deal of the day during Tarte’s friends and family sale! The blush book was such a good deal, I didn’t want to pass it up, and I obtained an even better value for my money.

How to Store Your Tarte Blush Palette

The main thing that intimidated me about the Big Blush book was its size. It is huge, and the case isn’t very sturdy or travel friendly. Since I don’t have a lot of makeup storage, I knew this could be an issue. Even if I had storage, I knew it wouldn’t be convenient to take out a palette of this size on a daily basis. So what do you do? Fortunately, the blushes and highlighter can be easily removed from the packaging. If you already own a z-palette or magnetic palette for your makeup, you can quickly pop out the blushes and store them inside. If you don’t have or plan to use a large magnetic palette, you may want to explore some other options.
Note: The larger custom magnetic palettes from Tarte will hold all of your blushes that come in this set

Magnetic Makeup Palette Options for your Tarte Blushes

How to Depot and Organize your 2017 Tarte Big Blush Book Volume III
Moving my new blushes from the big blush set to a large magnetic case didn’t seem like a good option for me. I wanted to have something light and compact that I could easily throw in my makeup bag when I travel. I do not intend to carry loads of depotted makeup, and I am OK with selecting just a couple shades to have with me at a time, in order to keep my palette super compact.

I originally tried out smaller plastic containers from the container store with the hope that I could fit a single blush into each container, but they were just too small and the lid wouldn’t fit back on the case once I inserted the blush.

How to Depot Tarte Blushes | Seamlined Living
Next, I tried out refillable palettes from Make Up For Ever. I found that the blushes fit nicely into the Large and Extra Large cases. You can easily fit one of the blushes in the large case and two of the blushes in the XL case. For me, this was the perfect solution! I purchased a couple of each, so I can keep one to two blushes out on my vanity and the others can be stored away in a drawer until I’m ready to rotate them out. This solution was quick, easy, compact and affordable! If you have any other ideas and/or suggestions for organizing your blush book, please let me know!

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