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Anytime I go to JoAnn Fabrics, I cannot help but look at the fabric section. For a while now, I have been looking for a nice plaid pattern to make a dress or a shirt, so when I found this gorgeous 100% nylon material, I knew I wanted to buy it!

After I picked up the fabric, it took me about a month to decide what to sew. I kept going back and forth between making another dress or another top. After much contemplation, I landed on the peplum top. I’ve wanted to make a peplum top for a while, and the material and print seemed to be a perfect fit for the project.

 Peplum Top Pattern - Sewing Sketch | Seamlined Living

Peplum Top Materials

  • 1 – 1.5 yards 55” wide fabric (if you’re using a plaid or a striped print, you’ll need to buy extra to keep the pattern aligned properly)
  • Thread to match your material

Steps to Create a Peplum Top

  • Step 1: Cut out your pattern pieces onto kraft paper or pattern paper. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can read my blog post here.
  • Step 2: Cut out the following:

Peplum Top Sewing Pattern - Learn How to Make a Peplum Top | Seamlined Living

  • One BODICE FRONT (on a folded edge)
  • One BODICE BACK BOTTOM (on a folded edge)
  • One BODICE BACK TOP (on a folded edge)
  • Two long rectangular pieces (double the length of your BODICE) for the PEPLUM
  • bottom
  • Two SLEEVES (each on a folded edge)
  • Optional – cut 2 smaller pieces for your PEPLUM SLEEVES (this should also be double the length of the bottom of your sleeve)

 DIY Peplum Top Pattern - Learn How to Sew | Seamlined Living

  • Cutting Tips if Using a Plaid Print:

    • Matching PEPLUM pieces: it is important to double the length of the PEPLUM pieces so you can easily match the plaid to the BODICE and SLEEVES when sewing together.
    • Matching SLEEVES: Before you cut the SLEEVES, you’ll want to lay your material next to your BODICE FRONT and align the pattern to the BODICE. This will help the patterns line up when they are sewn together.
  • Step 3: Right sides together, sew the shoulder seams of the BODICE FRONT and BODICE BACK TOP together.
  • Step 4: Add three baste stitches to the middle of your BODICE BACK BOTTOM. Pull the baste stitches to gather the fabric. The fabric should be gathered enough to match the length of the BODICE BACK TOP.
  • Step 5: Pin the right sides of the fabric for BODICE BACK TOP and BODICE BACK BOTTOM together and sew.
  • Step 6: Now that the BODICE BACK and BODICE FRONT are sewn together, match up the pattern for the SLEEVES to the BODICE (right sides together) and pin together and sew
  • Step 7: Once the top of the SLEEVES are sewn to the BODICE, you’ll want to pin the raw edge of the SLEEVES together along with the side of the BODICE. Next, sew from the end of the SLEEVES to the bottom of the BODICE.
  • Step 8: Repeat steps 2 – 4 for the second SLEEVE.
  • Step 9: Complete 1 of 2 steps for the SLEEVE hem.
    • Option 1: Hem the SLEEVE at your desired length with a normal hem.
    • Option 2: Complete the following steps to add a PEPLUM sleeve to your shirt
      • Use a hem foot to hem the edges of one side of the PEPLUM SLEEVES.
      • Along the other edge, sew 3 baste stitches
      • Pull the baste stitches to gather the fabric until it’s roughly the same size as the end of your SLEEVE
      • Once you have your desired length, pin the two smaller raw edges together and sew to make a circle out of your PEPLUM SLEEVE.
      • With right sides together, pin the gathered fabric side of your PEPLUM SLEEVE to the bottom of your SLEEVE. Sew together.
  • Step 10: Add the bottom PEPLUM to your shirt. To do this, complete the steps in option #2 above to add the PEPLUM to the BODICE.
  • Step 11: Hem the neckline of the BODICE using the hem foot on your sewing machine or manually hem it. Once this is completed, you’re done!

Peplum Blouse Sewing Pattern - Sewing Project | Seamlined Living

Learn How to Make a Peplum Top - DIY Sewing Project | Seamlined Living

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