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Nowadays, it’s so important to have beautiful and shareable images in each of your blog posts. As a new blogger this can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming! (Trust me I’ve been there) If you’re new to blogging or are looking for great stock photography that won’t break the bank – you’re in the right place! In this blog post, I provide you with a number of high-quality images that can be used on your blog. These images can be used for blog post headers, social media graphics, etc.

Find images that Match Your Brand

When using stock photography, make sure the look of the images matches the look of your blog or website. If your blog features bright and fresh colors, make sure the photos you use reflect that. It’s important to make sure your images align with your brand so visitors don’t get confused.

Stock Photography Resources

Free Images with Google Search

Free Images with Google Search
Yes, you can find images on Google but there’s a small catch. You’ll want to make sure to filter the results with the correct usage rights. Below is a screenshot with the options you can select. All you’ll need to do is select the option that aligns with how you want to reuse the image and your image search results will change once your selection is made. When you find an image you’d like to use, make sure you click on it and go to the site it originated from. There should be instructions for how you can use the photo and if you need to credit where you downloaded the image. I.e. I downloaded this waterfall image here and based on the license agreement, I do not need to credit where I downloaded it from.

Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix Free Photos

  • Option 1: By simply signing up for their newsletter you gain access to over 300 stock photos instantly and it’s FREE! And each month, they will continue to send you free photos (at times, they send 70 free photos in one month!)
  • Option 2: Instead of having to pay for a monthly subscription, Ivory Mix allows you to browse and purchase individual collections. They also sell have a number of courses you can purchase.


Pixels Free Stock Photos
Easily search and download images to use for your blog. Each photo provides license information and instructions for how you can use the image. From there you can download the image for FREE or donate to the user that uploaded the image. Here’s the link to the image I downloaded below.

The Creative Market

Creative Market Free Downloads Example
*This is a screenshot of their free downloads page. Their free product downloads change from week to week.
  • Option 1: Sign up for their emails and get 6 free stock photos every week. They will also send you a coupon for 10% off your first purchase. They also feature a number of free downloads each month. You can view the current ones here.
  • Option 2: Browse through thousands of templates, images and designs and purchase exactly what you need for your next project!

Haute Stock

Haute Stock Free Images

  • Option 1: You can receive two FREE stock photos instantly when you sign up for their emails. They will also send you a free image every month.
  • Option 2: Sign up for one of their two subscription options and gain access to thousands of beautiful, stylish and feminine photos that you can modify and reuse. Haute Stock adds new photos to their platform twice a month.
    • Quarterly Subscription: $99 (every three months) = $33/month
    • Annual Subscription: $299 = $24.92/month

Boss Latina

Boss Latina Free Blog Images

  • Option 1: Sign up to download 10 FREE stock images here.
    Option 2: Sign up for their subscription service and gain access to 25 new images every month along with access to many more. You can view the details of their subscription and preview current images here: https://www.bosslatina.com/posh-stock-lady-boss-membership/

    • Monthly Subscription Cost: $12/Month
    • Six Month Membership: $54 ($9/month)
    • 12 Month Membership: $96 ($8/month)

Turquoise and Palm (The Stock Gallery)

Free Images from The Stock Gallery

  • Option 1: Scroll down to the bottom of their blog and sign up for their newsletter. You’ll receive 10 free stock photos and quarterly photo packs.
  • Option 2: Subscribe to their stock photo subscription and gain access to royalty free stock photos.
    • Monthly Membership: $29.00
    • Three Month Membership: $69.00 ($23/month)
    • 12 Month Membership: $197.00 ($16.42/month)
    • AGENCY (UNLIMITED)*: $69.00/month
      • *Allows for an unlimited number of users in an organization to use the photos

Barn Images

Barn Images

  • Option 1: This blog offers a number of things you can download for FREE!
    Sign up for their emails to download 10 high-resolution styled photos. If you click on FREEBIEs in their navigation you can download FREE mockups, images and more.

Here are a number of additional sites you can browse for free photos:

There are so many places you can download great images on the web! Do you know of any additional places? If so, leave your suggestions in the comments below.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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