Anyone who has a lot of hair knows it takes a decent amount of time to wash, dry and style. As a working mom, I don’t have the time every day to wash my hair and would rather use that time to add a braid my hair or just be able to start my day quicker. Skipping this step in my routine is not only a timesaver but is healthy for your hair. Why? Going a few days between washes allows the natural oils for your scalp to be released and for your scalp to balance. It also helps to not dry out your scalp. I know this may sound gross to those who wash their hair every day — I get it. But I have found that as I’ve extended time between washes, my hair gets less oily/greasy and overall is shinier and healthier. I’m also not exposing my hair and scalp to excess water, product and heat. And since my hair is colored, reducing this exposure can help reduce color fade! And who doesn’t want to work towards having healthier hair?!

How Will I Be Testing Drug Store Dry Shampoo?

Over the upcoming weeks, I will be testing out different drugstore dry shampoos. I will be washing my hair on Friday and waiting until the following Friday to wash it again. Eeek – I hope these products work! Each week I will be using the same products to wash and style my hair so I can compare as accurately as possible. During each week I will be taking photos and notes and will be including them in each post. (If there are any dry shampoos you’d like me to test, please let me know in the comments below.)

Testing Out Batiste’s Dry Shampoo

The first product I will be testing is Batiste’s Dry Shampoo in the scent original. According to the description on Ulta’s website, their dry shampoo is a quick and easy way to get clean hair without water. The product is supposed to revitalize greasy, dull and lifeless hair all while adding texture and body. So does it work? (I hope so, I will be testing it for a week!)

Friday – Day 1:

Washed my hair and tested out Loreal’s new product Elvive (This was a complimentary product sent to me from an Influenster campaign. Are you interested in receiving free products to test? Sign up for Influenster here. )

Saturday – Day 2: 

I braided my hair and didn’t use dry shampoo
Sunday – Day 3:

Used a small amount of dry shampoo and braided my hair into a side braid. The dry shampoo didn’t add too much texture to my hair and it still felt clean.

Monday – Day 4:

I did not have to add dry shampoo to my hair on day 4. I was still wearing my hair down and wore a simple half up top knot look this day.

Tuesday – Day 5:

I added dry shampoo to my hair on day 5 and this added a little more texture to my hair but it wasn’t too bad. In fact, I could have easily styled my hair down.

Wednesday – Day 6:

I added a small amount of dry shampoo on day 6 and wore my hair half up.

Thursday – Day 7:

I added a generous amount of dry shampoo to my hair and added some beach waves to my look. After I straighten my hair, I’m not usually able to get curls to really hold, but the texture of the dry shampoo / unwashed hair allowed me to add just enough wave to my hair to complete my look.

Friday – Day 8:

Yay! I made it to hair washing day! I added more dry shampoo to my hair and put it up in a top knot bun, but I honestly could have worn it down if I had wanted to style it. On day 8, the dry shampoo was still soaking up the oil, but I could feel the added weight/texture from the dry shampoo.

After Testing Batiste’s Dry Shampoo Would I Recommend It?

I really love this dry shampoo and it does exactly what it claims. In fact, if I wanted to I could have gone a couple more days without washing my hair without a problem. The next dry shampoo I will be testing is Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo so make sure to check back to see my review. If you want to be notified when it’s posted, follow me on Instagram and I will be giving updates!

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