Welcome back to part 3 in my dry shampoo testing series. If you’re new here, I’m trying out drugstore shampoos and my goal is to find the best one! I’m testing each one for a week and blogging the results. So far I’ve tested Batiste’s and Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. Next, I’ll be testing one from Tresemme before I test a DIY dry shampoo!

Testing Hask’s Dry Shampoo

Hask’s Dry Shampoo comes in many scents, but the one that I used was Argan from Morocco. According to Ulta’s website, this dry shampoo will quickly remove excess oil from your scalp and leave your hair with a lightweight finish. Another reason I was excited to try this product is because it doesn’t include sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and artificial colors!

Saturday & Sunday – Day 2 + 3:

On day 2 I didn’t use dry shampoo and braided my hair into a side Dutch Braid. To add volume to my braid, I added 3, 1 clip hair extensions from Luxy Hair.

Monday – Day 4:

Monday was the first day I used dry shampoo. I wore my hair half up.

Tuesday – Day 5:

I added more dry shampoo to my hair on day five and wore my hair up with a scarf headband to add a pop of color to my look. On day five my hair still felt clean and it didn’t feel like I had a lot of product in my hair.

Wednesday – Day 6:

I wore my hair down on Wednesday. I didn’t need to add any additional dry shampoo and my hair still looked and felt clean. I did notice that by day 6 my scalp felt a little bit itchy, but that could have been it’s was still winter here in Ohio!

Thursday – Day 7:

On day 7, I added dry shampoo to my hair before I styled it into a 1/2 up side french braid. The dry shampoo left my hair feeling clean and lightweight.

Friday – Day 8:

On day 8, I added some dry shampoo and quickly threw my hair back into a side bun, but could have easily still worn it down if I wanted to take the time to style it.

My Hask’s Dry Shampoo Review –  Would I Recommend It?

This was the first time I used this dry shampoo and I was very impressed with the results and plan to repurchase it when I’m done. Before writing this post, I did test this product for two weeks to make sure I loved it as much as I did during week one — and I did! This dry shampoo did everything it claimed and even by day 8, my hair felt clean and it didn’t feel like I had a lot of product in my hair.

The next dry shampoo in this series, I will be testing Tresemme’s Dry Shampoo, so make sure to check back to see my review! At the end of this series, I will be comparing and identifying my favorites from all four drug store shampoos + one DIY dry shampoo. If you want to be notified when it’s posted, follow me on Instagram and I will be giving updates!

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