Are you looking for a simple way to freshen up your home decor? These budget-friendly, asymmetrical hoop wreaths may be your answer! This was a quick project that brightened up my wall decor just in time for spring. Better yet, I can easily transform these wreaths into seasonal decor by simply changing out the flowers. Are you ready to get started on this project? Follow the instructions below and learn how you can make these simple hoop wreaths!

Materials for Minimal Wreaths

Steps to Create Your Hula Hoop Wreath

Step 1: 

Start by selecting the greenery and flowers for your wreath. I used simple greenery, yellow billy balls, lavender and crepe paper anemones. To create the anemone flowers, I followed the instructions on this infographic from Lia Griffith. I cut the pattern pieces freehand, but if you prefer, you can download a template from her website. Simply subscribe to her site (for a nominal fee), and you can download the pattern for these flowers and many more projects.

Step 2:

Next, lay your steel rings out and gather up the greenery and flowers. Lay out the greenery and flowers piece by piece on one side of the ring and build it up until you’re happy with the final look.

Step 3: 

Using floral tape, wrap the stems around the metal hoop several times. Continue to wrap the floral tape around the greenery, flowers, and hoop until your arrangement is secured.


Did you decide to make more than one wreath? That’s great! All you’ll need to do is repeat steps 1-3. Once your wreath(s) are complete, it will be time to hang them on the wall! To secure our wreaths in place we used two ¼” EZ-Cable Clips. This allowed us to secure each wreath at the top and bottom so they would not move.

I love how these wreaths turned out! They’re simple, yet they add a lot of color and dimension to our wall!

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