When I saw this fabric from Cotton + Steel on Fabric.com, I immediately thought of spring and summer. The waves and boats and deep blue tones on this fabric were a perfect print for a summer fit and flare dress.

As I thought through the design, I wanted the dress to be simple, lightweight and something I could wear it all summer long! I researched different styles of dresses and found this Fit and Flare dress on ModCloth.com. I loved the v-neck top and the simple addition of the belt around the waistline, so I incorporated both elements in the design of this dress. I am obsessed with how this dress turned out and am excited to share the tutorial with you!

Pattern: Designed by Me
Material: Cotton + Steel S.S. Bluebird Out To Sea Blue
Similar Dresses: ModCloth Fit & Flare Dress, Calvin Klein Cap Sleeve A-Line Dress

Sewing Materials Needed

  • 2 yards of lightweight cotton fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Ribbon
  • Invisible Zipper

Pictured below are the pattern pieces you will need for this dress. If you’d like to learn how I create my own patterns, read my blog post here.

Step 1: Using pattern paper, sketch and cut out the pattern pieces for your dress. If you need help creating your pattern, learn how to create your own by reading my blog post here.
Step 2: Pin the pattern paper to your material and cut out the pieces of your dress.
If you’re adding RIBBON to your BODICE, pin the RIBBON to the FRONT and BACK of your BODICE pieces and sew. To add a bow, follow the visual instructions below and sew the middle loop on your bow to the FRONT BODICE.
Step 3: Pin the FRONT and BACK BODICE pieces together (right sides of the fabric together) and sew the shoulders and sides of the BODICE together.
Step 4: Add the invisible zipper to the BACK BODICE according to the instructions on the zipper.
Step 5: Next, pin the two FRONT NECKLINE LINING pieces together and sew at the bottom of the V (follow yellow dots in the tutorial image)
pin the right sides of your NECKLINE LINING FRONT and BACK together and sew.
Step 6: With right sides facing together, pin your NECKLINE LINING to the COLLAR of your dress, matching the seams. Sew around the entire neckline to attach and trim the excess fabric before turning the collar right side out.
Step 6: Fold your LINING to the inside of your dress and sew a straight stitch around your entire neckline. This will help the collar of your dress to lay flat and secure.
Step 7: Take your cap SLEEVES pattern and hem the ends of your sleeve.
Step 8: Next, pin the top of the SLEEVES to the BODICE. Sew the pieces in place.
Step 9: Before you attach the SKIRT pieces to the BODICE, add 2-3 baste to the top of the FRONT and BACK SKIRT pieces. To gather the fabric, grab hold of the ends of the baste stitches and pull the thread. Gather the fabric until each piece is the same length as the bottom of your sewn BODICE piece.
Step 10: After your SKIRT fabric has been gathered, pin the right sides of the SKIRT together and sew the edges of the skirt together.
Step 11: Pin the gathered end of the SKIRT to the BODICE and sew the two pieces together.
Step 12: The final step is to hem the bottom of your dress to your desired length and you’re done!

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