I love the functionality of wrap dresses and have been wanting to make one for some time. Simple wrap dresses are timeless and super flattering. To make this dress, I used McCall’s pattern M7745/MP679. All four dresses included in this pattern are beautiful, and I can see myself recreating this dress time and time again!

Wrap Outfit Details:

Sewing McCall’s M7745 Wrap Dress – View A

The rayon material I picked up for this dress is super bright, lightweight and perfect for the spring and summer months! The print was perfect for this flowy wrap dress, and reminded me of fabric I’d find on a Lily Pulizer design! (Off the Shoulders Dress, Wrap Dress)

For this dress, I decided to sew view A. In part because I liked the design of the dress and I don’t own anything else like it, but I also didn’t purchase enough fabric! Oops! In the end, I was able to make the pattern work after I carefully thought through how to layout the pattern pieces before I cut them out.

Before I began to work with this pattern, I had decided I wanted to try to follow the instructions with only making minor modifications as I went. One change I wanted to make was to make this dress a bit more modest. As I sewed the dress, I made minor adjustments to secure the neckline and slit in the wrap dress. Now I feel more comfortable wearing this dress. And from a practical standpoint, these modifications help me feel comfortable chasing around my toddler in this dress!

McCall’s Wrap Dress MP679 Pattern Adjustments

Bodice Adjustments

Even though I followed the instructions for my cup size, I still wasn’t super happy with the overall fit. The neckline plunged more than what I like to wear, and I didn’t want to wear a tank top under my dress. What was my quick solution? I added clasps to secure the neckline so the top wouldn’t come open. In the future, I may add some additional length to the bottom of the bodice. I also turned the straps into adjustable straps.

Wrap Skirt Adjustments

I also added one clasp to bottom of the wrap dress. This small clip helped to keep the wrap from exposing too much of my leg, and didn’t take anything away from the look of the dress! The next time I make this pattern view, I would add some additional width to the middle of the front wrap piece. That would provide me with more fabric so the slit wouldn’t be too high for me. I do plan to make one additional adjustment when I sew this dress again. That change will be to sew only one tie that wraps around the entire dress instead of two. Here are some examples: Clara Wrap Dress and this Floral Cold Shoulder Dress.

Would I sew with this pattern again?

Yes! Even though I made some modifications to the pattern, I am still happy with how it turned out. Which pattern view do I plan to sew next? I plan to sew view D and think this dress would be perfect to wear into the fall months here in Ohio.

Have you made this dress pattern? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

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