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I’ve known that I’ve had curly hair for years, but I rarely wore my hair curly. Not because I didn’t like my curls, I just found that it:

  • Took me longer to style my hair
  • I was never sure of the results
  • I couldn’t go as long in-between washes

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Do you resonate with any of those issues with your hair? The truth is, before I tested the curly girl method, I liked my hair routine. I was able to quickly blow dry my hair and easily straighten or curl it depending on my mood. And with the right dry shampoo, I could go up to a week without having to wash my hair. Overall, I liked my hair routine, and as a busy mom, I was hesitant to make any changes. I had a process that worked well and worked well.

But, I was inspired to give the curly girl method a try after watching several YouTube videos by India Batson.

For the entire month of June, I tested the curly girl method, but after years of not wearing my hair curly, I knew this was going to be a challenge. (To learn more about the curly girl method, you can read my blog post here.)

My Curly Hair Prior to the Curly Girl Method

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Every time I would try to air dry my hair or defuse it, I would get different results. Sometimes I liked how my curls dried, but other times my hair would get little volume and curls. The main problem I was having with my curly hair is that it would frizz, especially my short postpartum baby hairs. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted with my current routine, so I was up for testing out another process.

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How My Routine Changed when Testing the Curly Girl Method

  • Used a DIY clarifying shampoo to remove sulfates and silicones from my hair (Recipe found here)
  • Removed Sulfates and Silicones from Hair Products
    • This took the longest. I did my best to only use “curly girl products”, but there are a lot of hair curly girl products on the market that still include silicones and sulfates
  • Did Not use hot styling tools in my hair (curling irons or straighteners)
  • Tested the Lo-Poo and Co-washing methods

My Results from Testing the Curly Girl Method

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I am happy with the results of my new curly hair routine. After testing the method for a month, my curls already had more bounce, definition and less frizz. I found that after a month of not using hot styling products that my hair was able to show it’s natural curl pattern. I was also able to extend the time between my hair washes by braiding my hair and putting it into a high bun.


Even though I like my new curls, it still takes me longer to style my hair curly than drying it straight. I also missed being able to wear my hair down multiple days in a row without having to wash my hair. To help extend the time between hair washes, I used dry shampoo and would pull my hair up. I did notice that as soon as I pulled my hair back, my curls would fall and I wouldn’t be able to wear it down again without washing it.

Throughout the month, I tested a variety of products before I found a combination that worked for me. I also found it challenging to eliminate the frizz from my new growth after having a baby … I’m still working on that!

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What Products I used to Test the Curly Girl Method

Have I Stayed Consistent with my Curly Girl Routine

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Yes and no. I have not yet straightened my hair since mid-may, but I have curled it with a curling iron after letting it air dry. I like being able to switch up my routine and experimenting with different styles, but I have only curled my hair 2 or 3 times since starting the challenge!

Want to learn the exact steps I used for my curly hair? Read my blog post here to see how I style my curly hair. | Seamlined Living

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  1. HI, thanks for sharing all that great information! I have been looking for a hairspray that is CG approved. IS the one you listed here (OGX locking) approved??

    • Hi Tiffiny! Based on the ingredients I look for the hairspray is both silicone and sulfate-free. It does contain alcohol in it, which can dry out your hair. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any additional questions. – Kelsey

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