The Halifax Hoodie is from Hey June Patterns and is the August sewing pattern for 2018 sew my style sew along. This pattern comes in 5 different views: hoodie, kangaroo pocket, full zipper hoodie, front notch and a funnel neck. With so many options, this pattern is a great deal!

What You Need to Make the Halifax Hoodie View C

Halifax Hoodie Pattern

  • Size Made: Small (may size down in the future)
  • View: C

I loved how easy it was to print out the pattern for the Halifax Hoodie. In her instructions, she told provided details on how you can print out the EXACT size you wanted to cut out. This simple feature is a time saver when you’re cutting out pages upon pages of a pattern.

Sewing Instructions for View C of the Halifax Hoodie

The instructions provided detailed information and a sketch for each step, so you could follow along and reference. This pattern has five pattern views: hood, kangaroo pocket, full zipper front, front notch and a funnel neck.

Included in the PDF document are instructions for the 5 different pattern views. Each pattern views shares steps with another. As a result, you to bounce back and forth between pages in the document while you’re sewing your sweatshirt. I would have loved if there were separate instructions for each pattern view.

Pattern Modifications

The pattern measurements are ideal for anyone who is between 5’5” – 5’8”. I am 5’4” so the sweatshirt is long on me, but I love the length.

For my zip-up hoodie, I sewed a size small, but next time I might consider making an extra small. I love how my sweatshirt turned out, but it wasn’t a form fitting as I would like.

The only modification I made to the pattern was to take in the shoulders and arms. There was too much bulk in the shoulders, and the sleeves were too long for my body. To fix this, I took in the shoulder seam by an inch and the sleeves by two inches to reduce bulk.

I cannot wait to sew this pattern again … now, I just need to decide on which view I want to make! Do I sew another zip-up hoodie or a different pattern view? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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