Beauty on a Budget: How to Buy Name Brand Makeup for Less

Welcome back, or if you’re new here, welcome! If you’re anything like me, I LOVE finding good bargains, especially when it comes to makeup. I enjoy higher end products, but I cannot bring myself to paying full price! Did you know that there are several stores where you can purchase high-end makeup at a discount?

Tips for Purchasing Makeup at Discount Stores

  • Look up the product cost
  • Check the reviews while you’re in the store
  • Make sure the product hasn’t been used or swatched before purchasing
  • Never swatch a product that isn’t a test product

The two stores on this list that are the closest to me are TJMaxx and Marshall’s. Every time I go into these stores, I always scope out the beauty aisle for the best deals, and I usually find high-end makeup at a deep discount! This past weekend, I went to both stores, and I wanted to share with you what I picked up! I’ve included my latest deals and swatches below!

BareMinerals Invisible Bronzer

BareMinerals Invisible Bronzer - Beauty on a Budget

I almost picked up this product a couple of months ago at Ulta, and I’m glad I didn’t since I found it at TJMaxx for over 50% off. I’ve always loved bare minerals products (I wore their makeup for my wedding) and was excited to pick this up. This bronzer is lightweight and provides you with a natural-looking bronze that is easy to build up.

BareMinerals Stardust Deluxe Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

(Collector’s Edition Translucent Setting Powder)

Even though I have enough setting powders right now, I couldn’t pass this one up! The packaging is beautiful, and the product was over a $60 value for $10. I am excited to open up this product after I work through my current setting powder.

Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation

Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation - Beauty Discounts

  • Paid: $12.99
  • Retail: $42
  • Savings: $29.01 (60% off)

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $20 on a foundation, so I was excited to see this Becca foundation in my shade at my local Marshall’s. Before this haul, I have never used BECCA makeup and was looking forward to trying it out. I picked up one and ended up going back and picking up another because I loved the finish!

BECCA Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit – Becca x Chrissy Teigen

BECCA x Chrissy Teigen - Beauty Deals

  • Paid: $12.99
  • Retail: $29
  • Savings: $16.01 (55% off!)

Becca Lip Gloss Swatches

I have been loving lip glosses lately, but have very few in my collection. These glosses are comfortable to wear and leave a stain on your lips after they wear off. I’m liking the formula and have been wearing them almost every day since I picked them up!

BECCA Glow Kitchen Kit – Becca x Chrissy Teigen

BECCA x Chrissy Teigen - Beauty Discounts

  • Paid: $14.99
  • Retail: $44
  • Savings: $29.01 (66% off)

I’ve wanted to test out a BECCA highlight + a powder highlighter, and this set included just that! Overall, I have enjoyed the products from this kit. I’m still getting used to the gel product, but I have liked using the eyeshadow and highlighter! The liquid lipstick is pretty, but the formula isn’t my favorite. After a couple of hours, the product settles into the lines of my lip, and it starts to wear off. To help remedy this, I top the lipstick with a gloss!

Well, that completes my TJ Maxx and Marshall’s beauty haul! I hope you enjoyed it! There were Kat Von D, Two Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hill’s and so many more brands there that I didn’t pick up. Where do you like the purchase makeup? Are you OK with paying full price, or you do look for a good deal like I do? Hopefully, this post inspires you to check out your local discount store! You never know what luxurious products you can find!

*This blog post contains affiliate links.

Beauty on a Budget: How to Buy Discounted Name Brand Makeup

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