Before we dive into this blog post, let’s learn a little bit about what a capsule wardrobe is! A capsule wardrobe is a small and curated collection of clothing that you wear during a given season. Typically capsule wardrobes are made up of only 30 clothing items that can be mixed and matched together. Why do this? Well, reducing your amount of clothing options is one way to work towards minimalism in your life. Some have found that by streamlining their clothing options, it saves them time and energy in the morning since their clothing options are narrowed down to pieces they love.

what is a capsule wardrobe

Why am I Starting a Capsule Wardrobe?

If you’re not new to my blog or Instagram, you know that I love clothing – especially making my own. So the question becomes; why am I writing about a capsule wardrobe? Well, there are a few reasons why I decided to give this a try – the first one being that this is my monthly challenge for April. But there are several other reasons why you may want to start a capsule wardrobe:

  • Reduce the amount of money you spend on clothing
  • Want to invest in quality clothing items that will last
  • Spend less time thinking about what you’re going to wear
  • Allows you to get creative wearing clothes you already own + an opportunity to fall back in love with styles you have

How Does a Capsule Wardrobe Reduce the Amount You Spend on Clothing?

Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly through the clothing section every time you go to your favorite store? Well, not anymore. Once you’ve curated your selection of clothes you’re going to wear for the upcoming season, you won’t need to purchase new clothing for the season. I know, this might sound like torcher at first, but once you get used to it, it’s exhilarating!

Do Capsule Wardrobes Reduce the Amount of Time it Takes to Get Ready in the Morning?

Have you ever spent 10 minutes staring at your closet wondering what you are going to wear for the day, and think you have nothing to wear, even though you’re staring at a closet filled with clothes? I’ve been there.

Simplifying the decision-making process is one way to reduce the mental clutter that comes along with getting ready. Since creating my capsule wardrobe, my endless options have turned into a simple decision. Plus, I wear items that I love! (Including handmade items!)

How Can You Be Creative With a Capsule Wardrobe if You Only Have 30 Items?

I asked this exact question before I put together my wardrobe. How can I be creative with my outfits if I limited my options? And the answer surprised me and is quite simple. Mixing and matching pieces create so many more outfit options! If you’re anything like me, you gravitate towards wearing the same top with the same skirt or pants. Well, with my capsule wardrobe, I looked at my closet differently. I now look at the individual pieces and try to find ways I can mix it up and wear it with another article of clothing. So far it’s been fun and challenging, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this month goes!

Want to learn more about how to build a capsule wardrobe! Come back next week to read my tips on how to start a capsule wardrobe.

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