As we head into the spring and summer months, having a lightweight pair of chinos is an important staple to have in your wardrobe. This style of pants is versatile since you can dress them up or down depending on the top you choose to wear. Whether you purchase your chinos or make them, I think every woman should own a pair!

April’s #sewmystyle challenge was to sew a pair of chinos, and there were two different patterns to choose from:

As soon as I saw the Chi-Town Chinos pattern, I knew I wanted to make this pattern for this month’s challenge. The slim fit of the leg is flattering & the style fits in with looks I like to wear. There are [3] different versions of this pattern and a variety of add-ons. I wanted to make the full-length pants, so I purchased the Chi-Town Chinos + Expansion Pack No. 2 Bundle.

Making My Chi-Town Chinos with Thrift Store Pants

I love taking something old or unused and transforming it into something new. I not only enjoy the process, but the end product is rewarding. (Plus, who doesn’t love a good before and after photo!)

Not only was I able to up-cycle a pair of old pants, but I also saved a lot of money on this project! My pants (including all notions) was only $2.50! Now, that’s a bargain!
Plus, I was able to save a ton of time sewing the pair of chinos because I made very little changes to the pockets, buttons, and zipper.

How to Tailor GoodWill Pants

  • Seam rip the waistband, leaving the band still attached near the button. Tip: While you seam rip, take note on how the waistband is attached to the pants, so you can repeat these steps when sewing the waistband back onto your chinos.

  • Next, seam rip or cut the side seams.
  • Seam rip or cut the inter-seam, making sure to leave the seam still intact near the zipper. (Keeping the zipper intact will save you multiple steps when finishing your pants!)
  • With right sides together, lay the front pant pieces together. Next, place your pattern pieces ontop your pants and cut the excess fabric to match the pattern. Repeat this step with your back pattern pieces.
  • Follow the instructions in the pattern to attach the side seams and inner seams.
    Next, Try on your pants to make sure you have the best fit and make any additional adjustments to the seams.
  • The next step is to reattach your waistband. Pin the waistband to your pants, pulling all extra fabric to the outside seams near your hips. With the right sides of the waistband fabric together, pin the bands to match the side seam of your pants. Sew a baste stitch. Complete this step for both sides of the waistband.

  • Before you trim your waistband seams, I recommend you try on your pants to make sure they fit. Once you’re happy with your fit, sew over the baste stitch and trim any excess fabric.

  • Reattach your waistband and loops following how they were originally attached.
  • Hem your pants, and they’re ready to wear!

I love how my pants turned out & know I will get a lot of wear out of my navy chinos. Especially this month, since I’ve added these as an item to my capsule wardrobe.

I plan to make these pants again in the future! Should I hack another pair of thrift store pants or should I buy fabric and make a brand new pair of pants? (I have my eye on some beautiful Rifle Paper co. canvas fabric!)

Are you planning on participating in this month’s sew my style challenge, or plan to sew the Chi-Town Chino? Let me know in the comments below! Also, feel free to share your blog post or Instagram link so I can check out your make!

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