Do you host Friendsgiving for all of your friends?

There’s nothing quite like Friendsgiving. For me, it’s a time where I get together with college friends (which only happens a few times a year!), to enjoy each other’s company and some of the best food. (more on that later). These stress-free Friendsgiving ideas will help you plan, organize, and enjoy the party too!

Tip 1: Keep the Invitations Simple

If this is your first year hosting Friendsgiving, the first thing you need to think about is how many people will you invite? Make sure you have enough space to accommodate your guests. Ask yourself:

  • Is your table big enough and do you have enough chairs?
  •  Do you need to purchase a folding table and chairs?

Now that you’ve figured out how many people out coming, you’ll need to determine how to send out invitations. Invitations are fun and festive, but might not be necessary. If you’re having a Friendsgiving with close friends, don’t be afraid to send out a group text or invite them via an event online. That way, friends can quickly access address information and details they need to know about the event.

Tip 2: Prep ahead of Time

One way to take the stress out of hosting is to prep ahead of time. Below are ideas for what you can get done before the event day:

  • Set the table the night before
  • Decorations (If you need help decorating – don’t be afraid to ask. Invite some friends over and make an evening out of it!)
  • Food prep any of the drink and meal items that you can

Tip 3: Have a Potluck

Besides the company, the food is the BEST part of Friendsgiving. Every Friendsgiving, each friend brings one of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, which results in a meal with AMAZING food. And since everyone only brings 1-2 items, it allows for everyone to have fun with what they bring! So not only does this result in amazing food, but it also will reduce the amount of stress you have as the host.

How do you coordinate your Friendsgiving menu? Have a signup sheet! One of my friends created a simple Google sheets document a few years ago, and we’ve been using it ever since. And if you’re inviting the same group year over year, keep the previous years as separate tabs in the document. That way, friends can look to see if they want to make what they’ve made in the past.

Tip 4: Make Some Fun, Fall Drinks

Having a signature cocktail or mocktail is a fun way to celebrate at any event. Need some ideas? Check on out my Pinterest board here.

  • Coffee: Are you coffee drinkers? Have fun toppings to make fall drinks like pumpkin lattes or specialty cold brew.
  • Hot Chocolate, Mulled or Hot Apple Cider: Cold fall evenings make everyone want to drink warm drinks by the fire, or with friends. Don’t forget to have some hot drinks heating up in a crockpot. Want to make your hot chocolate extra creamy? Make it with whole milk!

If you’re going to turn these beverages into cocktails, I recommend leaving the alcohol on the side. That way, everyone has an option to add or not. (I will say, caramel vodka in hot cider is delicious!)

Tip 5: Simplify the Place Settings

Not everyone has 15-20+ place settings, and that is OK. Instead of buying new china for the occasion, consider buying paper plates. While you cannot recycle paper plates, this will save you hours of clean up time and will allow you to spend more time with your guests. Both fancy and festive disposable options will save you from having a giant pile of dishes at the end of the night.

Tip 6: Keep the Decorations Simple

I love decorating, but it can be time-consuming and expensive if you don’t have anything on hand. Create a simple and low centerpiece that will look great on the table, but won’t get in the way of seeing friends from across the table. Want more decorating ideas? Check out my Friendsgiving decor Pinterest board.

But remember, don’t stress about making your space look perfect. Keep things as simple or elaborate as you feel comfortable doing!

Tip 7: Remember to Have Fun!

Friendsgiving only comes once a year, so after your guests arrive – remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the company.

Friendsgiving is one of my favorite holiday traditions. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments below!


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