Welcome to the first month of Sew my Style 2020 (#sms20)!
Each month, there are two featured patterns, below are the two patterns for this month:

This month, I’m the featured blogger for Sew My Style and will be talking to you all about the Tania Culottes! Since we’re only partway through the month, I wanted to provide you with some inspiration for your Tania Culottes and did so in my blog post here.

Below I will be talking more about how I went about making the culottes I did! In the month of #sewfancypants, it feels odd to be writing a blog post about adding a closet basic to my wardrobe. But this year, I’m continuing my capsule wardrobe series/challenge, so after looking through all of these inspirational culotte images, I landed on making navy culottes with Tencel Twill Fabric from Minerva.

Sew My Style 2020

Adding My Tania Culottes to my Everyday Wardrobe

Why did I decide to make basic navy culottes and pass up the opportunity to make fun polka-dot or animal print pants? For me, the answer is simple, my goal for my makes this year, is to wear them again and again – and these culottes will be in heavy rotation! 🙂

What I’m most excited about from this make, is these culotte pants will be in both my #wintercapsulewardrobe and my #springcapsulewardrobe! I know I’m going to enjoy transitioning these pants from cold winter months in Ohio to slightly warmer spring months!

3 Tips for Wearing Culottes in the Winter

Even after all of that, you might be asking yourself, why should I make culottes in the winter? (If it’s winter near you) And the answer is because you can still style culottes in the winter 🙂 and, if you’re like me, you’re also making your pants with spring in mind.

How Do I Wear my Culottes in the Winter

  • Wear basic or fleece tights underneath
  • Wear tall boots that go up past the bottom of your pants
  • Add additional layers on top to help keep warm

If you only plan on wearing your culottes in the winter months, you can choose to make them medium weight fabrics. 

January is only halfway over, so you still have time to make your January Sew My Style (#sms20) pattern! 🙂 What are you planning on making – the Kortney Bodysuit or the Tania Culottes? Let me know in the comments below or over on Instagram.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to make!

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