how to clean makeup brushes

How to Affordably Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I started using makeup brushes a few years ago, and they’ve been a game-changer for me. My makeup looks better, and I have more fun experimenting with new makeup looks. When I first started to use makeup brushes, I didn’t know how often I should clean them or what steps I needed to take. And, […] Read more…

playroom inspiration

Playroom Inspiration for Smaller Spaces

Do you feel like you’re busting at the seams with toys? If you’re a parent, you know that children’s toys accumulate quickly. So how do you deal with all of the stuff? Not every home has the luxury of having enough space to have an entire room or dedicated to a playroom. (I know we […] Read more…

misty top dress

Pattern Review: Misty Top and Dress by Sew Altered Style

Over the past year, I’ve jumped into the Indie Sewing space, and as a result, my sewing pattern collection has grown (a lot). One of the things that I love about purchasing from Indie pattern companies is that their patterns are easy to follow and provide their instructions provide details for each step. Recently, I […] Read more…

diy tie headband

How to Make a DIY Elastic Headband (with a Tie)

I almost always have scrap fabric left over after I complete projects. And since I don’t like letting it go to waste, I carefully fold it up and put it back into my fabric stash. The problem is, after a few projects, I end up having way too many fabric scraps in my collection! One […] Read more…

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